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00. Trade List

I use /~Waka & /~Madiegh for general values.
I'm online daily so if no response is given to a Neomail,
I probably never got it so please resend if that happens.
Last updated: June 30th, 2020

Non-Wearables UFT
20th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag x1
Money Tree Mystery Capsule x1
Money Tree Cupcake x2

This list is empty.

001. 2:1

everything here is UFT for gbcs, fqc,archive & upcyle cookies also dyepots
33=on boxless side

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002. 1 cap

This list is empty.

003. Nicer things

Not uft for gbcs UNLESS stated on A BOARD.

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Items Kaymariex3 wants

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04. Wishes

Just things that i think are pretty, I don't want as badly but wouldn't mind trading for these. Numbers are for my reference only.

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