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1. hi there!

i don't have a huge collection of things as i am new to NC trading but i am hoping to change that!
if there's anything here that you're seeking, please feel free to message me at 's0s' or use the link above! c:
i am very active and always open to neomail and offers, and i hope we can work something out!

number indicates quantity!

can offer 2:1 GBC on certain items and especially buyables, but my list is too small to really create one! feel free to ask

i've removed everything i do not want to trade from my list, so please feel free to offer! c:

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This list is empty.


This list is empty.

trinkets and accessories!

and all other miscellaneous goodies!

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1 high priority!

these are things i am seeking for customizations, wanted very badly! can offer gbcs or customs!

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2 magical golden markings

ok, this is odd but i REALLY love magical golden markings LOL so feel free to offer them for trades anytime! i have plenty of pets and i want them all to sparkle

(i can dream on the last one)

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