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Items mariscloset owns

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0.1 welcome

99 = htpw and/or closet items. They may be harder to trade away if I feel they will be hard to replace.

All other ## just ignore :)

Want to trade or I poofed? Please NEOMAIL ME!

Last updated - Jan 12, 2021 (I try to keep the TL up to date but will have to re-check before confirming trades) ^^

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I'm generally picky about trading my BGs if they are ones I use or just really like. Sorry in advance. :c

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Foregrounds, Garlands and Nice Background Items!

This list is empty.

SALE section

2:1, cookie, dyepot, or another small item of yours

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Items mariscloset wants

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1.1 Catch-all wishlist

Some I really want and would use right away, some I really want but have no idea why...

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1.3 Thank you

Thank you to those that have gifted me, whether it was big or small. I appreciate it SO MUCH even if I am not using the items all the time (due to me constantly changing customs) ^_^

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