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Often Used

These are items that I use often and therefore will be reluctant to part with, however I might for certain wishlist items - currently willing to offer from here for the Dyeworks Pink Apple and the Gate to Deserted Fairground Foreground

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Up For Trade

Currently I am NOT actively trading, so sorry if I turn down a perfectly reasonable offer

This is my general trade list, I've sorted out the things that I'm highly unlikely to trade for anything other than specific things, so feel free to browse and see if you have any of my wishlist as well c:

Concerning Customs: As the wonderful Mexxy has put if "If it costs 250 NC or less it's 1 cap as it still requires 1 box." Personally I'm valuing it this way whether I'm offering the custom or you are. IF YOU DON'T AGREE THAT'S FINE! SIMPLY MOVE ON AND FIND ANOTHER TRADE That is all

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There aren't any items here.

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