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Neomail o0o_flower_power_o0o o0o_flower_power_o0o's lookup

Items sjamilala owns

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01 Intro

Hi there, I go by username o0o_flower_power_o0o. I don't have side accounts so I only trade by this name.

These are the items in my SDB and Closet, I am up for trading most of these for my wishes or for gbc / specials. I check Waka for values to keep it fair. Feel free to NM me if you see something that catches your eye. I might not respond within 10 minutes, but I check neo on a daily base.

Last updated: Jan 11, 2021

At the moment not actively on Neo (updated Jan 2021). I might not reply to your NM.
The items in X are very hard to part with and might not be up for trade, you can always try though.

Offering for my wishes:
- Custom
- Tradelist

Non wearables UFT:
- Maraqua Mystery Capsule
- Lost Desert Mystery Capsule
- Brightvale Mystery Capsule
- Glowing Jack-o-lantern Goodie Bag
- Sweet Dreams Goodie Bag
- Ornament Holiday Goodie Bag

This list is empty.

A // 2:1 sale

These I can trade 2 for 1 GBC or RR Caps or Upcycle Cookie.
Numbers stand for quantity I have of the items in my 2:1 sale

This list is empty.

A1 // Trading - read this

These below are not in my 2:1 sale. You can always ask, but I might be pickier (even if others do have them in their 2:1 sales).

Numbers here stand for cap value these items have to me.
111 stands for not sure about value yet.

This list is empty.

B // Backgrounds

This list is empty.

E // Foreground & Garlands

This list is empty.

Items sjamilala wants

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001 Wishlist

Some of the items in here are more urgent than others, priorities might change. I can trade for TL or nm to see what I can do.

Numbers: 21 = Hoping to find in 2:1 sales.

This list is empty.

01 High Priority

Actively looking for these. NM me if you have something I want.

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.
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