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0. For Priority Wishlist Only

These select few items are only on offer for items from my priority wishlist.

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4. Dyeworks

I have these items available for dying. There's two options for these items:

  • DYING MYSELF (colours are not guaranteed) - One GBC per two dyed items and a dye pot per dye that you want. For example, if you want item A dyed two times (or item A and item B dyed once each), you need to send one GBC and two dye pots.

  • LENDING - One GBC per two items and one dye pot per each item. For example, I can lend item A and item B for a GBC and two dye pots.

    I reserve the right to refuse to lend to anyone whom I don't feel I can trust.

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    Items jakynar wants

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    0. Priority Wishlist

    I am offering items from my first section for these. 99 indicates highest priority.

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    1. General Wishlist

    I can not offer a custom or gift box capsules and I prefer to avoid 1:1 trades for 1-2 cap wishes if at all possible.

    Also seeking:
    Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies
    Lab Ray Fortune Cookies
    NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies
    Gift Box Capsules

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    2. Dyeworks Wishlist

    I would like to avoid 1:1 trades for low valued and buyables DWs.

    This list is empty.

    3. Side Accounts

    The quantity listed with each item specifies the account the item(s) need to be sent to.

    2 = draminka 3 = demonisch 4 = regole 5 = emmy_babez

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