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This is only a Description List but here are my CAPSULES/GBCS UFT!

Hieroglyphic Dictionary
Limited Edition Halloween Kacheek Key Quest Token
Lulus 2012 Daily Dare Mystery Capsule
New Years 2010 Celebration Mystery Capsule
Palm Tree GB Mystery Capsule
Pumpkin GB Mystery Capsule
Shining Star GB Mystery Capsule
Springtime Sparkle GB Mystery Capsule
Tough Guy Myster Capsule

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Regular Tradelist

Mostly looking for wishes but GBCS/Custom will be accepted too

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VVHTPW: Closet Items

These are items I am very, very attached so please understand if I reject a fair offer.
100 = Hardest to part with
1999 = Not Up For Trade Right Now

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Items jrevans wants

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(1)Priority Wishes

99 = Need these to complete a look
55 = Future Trade

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Casual Wishes

I hope to find "21" in 2:1 GBC Sales
55 = Future Trade

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Dyeworks Wishlist

Neopoint Wishes

Dress to Impress
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