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Those are the items my neopets are using right now, or that they use frequently.

If they're visible, they are UFT, even if some of them are harder to part with than others.

Marked as "99" means HTPW and/or currently in use

This list is empty.

Regular NC tradelist

Everything here is UFT for 1 GBC each (I don't do 2:1, sorry!)

I would also trade most of this stuff for FQCs or Upcycles!

I have a long, private list of buyables that I get from GBCs, so if you're seeking one of those items, let me know and I'll see if I have them :)

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Items DestielGirl wants

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1. High Priority Wishes

Items that I need for customisations right now

This list is empty.

2. Medium-High Priority: Gallery

Those items are needed for my gallery and, unless I'm short on boxes, I would like to trade for them.

Some items might be more priority than others!

This list is empty.

2. Medium-low Priority: Populars and Pretties I could potentially use

Popular items I like, or pretty items I might use for for future customizations, but that I don't really have any concrete plans in mind for them at the moment.

Since I don't have plans for those items, I'm usually just looking for them if I have several boxes, or not many higher priority wishes. Feel free to offer them to me, though !

22 means I'm looking for spares

This list is empty.

3. Low Priority: Expensive long-term goals, items to replace or extremely casual wishes

This list includes some long-term goals, as well as replacements I eventually need to make, but that I'm not in hurry to do.

Every wish here is extremely casual, to the point they're not even listed as "trading". It's for personal reference more than anything.

This list is empty.
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