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DestielGirl's items

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Items DestielGirl owns

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1. Useful info:

LAST UPDATED: 25/11/2023

Am I trading NC at the moment? Yes
Do I have custom/GBCs? For my high priority wishes.

- Kanriks Fashion Line Mystery Capsule
- Legends of Altador The Thief Pass

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Highlights & HTPW

Those are the items that I consider more valuable, or that my neopets use frequently.

If they're visible, they are UFT, even if some of them are harder to part with than others.

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Regular NC tradelist

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The Buyables

These are buyables that I probably have tons of because of GBCs

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Items DestielGirl wants

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1. High Priority

Items I need to finish customizations right now!

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2. Medium Priority: Pretties I could potentially use

Dress to Impress
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