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A Note From Sharffytoh

Hello I'm Sharffytoh, and have been playing Neopets for about 3 years, and I have 4 amazing Aisha's I love (no need to guess my favorite Neopet species there huh? hehe); fluffy98765432109876 (Don't judge; She was the one I first made and never changed and I love very dearly) , Rainbow Blocks, Grauschimmer, and KrIsTiN3 (which I intend to paint white....Eventually)

These items below are what I have in my closet and are both NP and NC items. However, some of them are harder to part with than others.

I am In desperate need of GBCs so if you'd like to trade one of my items for some that'd be great!

Types of items that I like very much: ~Dresses ~Shoes ~Wings ~Wigs ~Things that look good with Eventide and Marctite Painted pets

Types of Items That I don't like very much: ~Plain Hats (if there were a wig under it however...) ~Pants (unless specified) ~Shirts (unless specified)

I also am open to trading for Mystery Capsules, Fortune Cookies, Shenanigifts invitations, MMEs, Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widgets, etc.

You don't have to offer me anything in my wish list, just make an offer of what you think would be fair, and see if I accept!

Neomail me for offers!


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Fluffy's Outfit Needs

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Grauschimmer's Outfit Needs

KrIsTiN3's Outfit Needs

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