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All I'm Lending for DW

Lending these items for ffc, dyepots, plus 1 gbc. GBC will probably always need to be included, depends on my box situation. I send, you dye, you send back.

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Always seeking NC Wish List

Always going to be seeking GBC, FQC, and Upcycle cookies.

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Always seeking NP Wish list

My NP Wishlist consists of brown codestones, Any and all nerkmids, and books.

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This is UFT. Not organized at all. May do 2:1, just ask. I currently have Money Tree Cupcake x2 and Money Tree Cap x2 as well.

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Items Dragaen_faerie wants

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Actively Seeking

These items I'm ACTIVELY seeking for current customization goals.

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For my side _dark_side_804

I have no boxes on my sides. So unless I can offer from my main, I'll need gbc to complete the trade

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Friends Wishie Lists

These are my friend's wishlists






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NC Wishlist

Irishy/Green/Shamrock/Rainbow items and Wings are Priority

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