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Items Picasso owns

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1) Intro

Please note that I am always open to trading for Archive Cookies, Lab Cookies, or Faerie Quest Cookies. I am open to GBCs as well sometimes.

Quantity indicates Waka value last time I checked. Multiple numbers indicate a hyphen. IE; 12 = 1 - 2 caps

999 = no value listed on /~owls or /~waka or I haven't valued it yet

I also currently have (0) NC, (4) GBC, and (15) Boxes, and various pieces of birthday cake. :) 7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 X5 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 x3

Last updated:8/20/22 (month/day/year)

This list is empty.

B) Other

These are all of my other UFT items that I don't have a specific category for

This list is empty.

D) 1 cap

These are my 1 cap value items. May be willing to trade multiple of these for 1 cap. Ask me about it. If the item has a 99 on it that means it is excluded from the one cap sale.

Each item here is valued @ 1 on /~Waka last time I checked

This list is empty.

Items Picasso wants

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A) Top Priority

D) Not Actively Seeking

These are items I don't need for any specific customizations, I just want them because they're pretty or I think I might use them in the future. These are items I'm not actively seeking out but am always open to offers

This list is empty.
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