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A) Hard to Part With

Will probably only trade for my top priority items, or for multiple of my medium/low priority items. But feel free to ask

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B) Other

These are all of my other UFT items that I don't have a specific category for

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C) Side Accounts

All of these items are on sides that may or may not have gift boxes. Please ask!

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D) 1 cap or 1 cap for multiple

I will trade these items for 1 GBC, or 1 item worth 1 cap. In some cases, if the GBC you send me has multiple boxes, I'll give you 1 item for every box from this list. Just ask me about it.

Also, I am accepting birthday caps at the same value of GBCs for my items.

I also currently have (0) NC, (2) GBC, and (9) Boxes, (4) Dyeworks Potions, and various pieces of birthday cake. :) 7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 X5 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 x3

Last updated: 08/01/18 (month/day/year)

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Items Picasso wants

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C) Low Priority

Smaller items I need for customizations, or items I'm not prioritizing right/aren't as important. I am still seeking these items and still trading for them, however.

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