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Items pistxl owns

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00. Introduction

Hi, I'm Brooke. Recently back from a 7 year hiatus and working on building up my closet with all I've missed. I like casual trades and browsing lists. my neomail is always open, I'm online everyday. If I don't reply, send again!

If you'd like, My discord is open too - rhyxi#7072 Wonder - discord.gg/6Ew3gBST

If my Closet is visible, don't get mad about it. ;-;

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02. HTPW

I'm attached to these items regardless of value and may decline offers. They are UFT, though. [# represent value]

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04. B a c k g r o u n d s

This list is empty.

07. C l o t h i n g

This list is empty.

12. Foregrounds / Trinkets

Unwearables UFT: 7th Birthday Cake Slice #2

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Items pistxl wants

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3 Spares / Replacements

Items I always need more of or have traded away and would like to own again.

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