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updated (5/25/24)
my neo time mgmt has been questionable at best. please reach out with any trade requests or
questions, and i will do my best to respond within 24 hrs. if you do not hear back from
me within that timeframe, please feel free to send another mail!

if we work out a trade, all items will be sent to sewer!
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o1 - SALE! 2:1 Dyepot or Cookies | 4:1 Current or Retired Mystery Capsules | 6:1 SSS

updated 5/24/24
** wip note: i was a bit clumsy updating this list past quarter and may have missed some things.
my apologies if that is the case — i will let you know & advise to please select alternates of
interest! generalized trade framework below (not concrete, please don't be afraid to ask):

• 2:1 Dyepot or Training/Faerie Quest/Upcycle Cookies
• 4:1 Current or Retired Mystery Capsules
• 6:1 for SSS

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o2 - normal uft

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Items crashbandicoot wants

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o1 - top priority wl

my current most desired wishes.
let me know if you are trading these and would like to work something out —
i have a hidden closet, so if you don't see anything on my tl of interest,
please feel free to share you wl! ~

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o2 - mid priority wl

would still like to trade for these!
can offer tl & possibly custom.

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