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Items crashbandicoot owns

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autumnal greetings

(1/26/23) i work & am enrolled in university full-time. apologies for any delays! please don't hesitate to
reach back out if i haven't yet responded. closet is hidden. if you have my priority wl items,
no problem to reach out & see if i have your wishes.

if we work out a trade, all items will be sent to sewer!

This list is empty.

o2 - htpw

again, always feel free to ask!
would generally consider my most wanted wl items for trades. i enjoy/closet many of these.

This list is empty.

o3 - normal uft

This list is empty.

o4 - 2:1/3:1/4:1

UFT for GBCs/dyepots. 2:1/3:1, or 4:1 for 1 bfgbc ~

This list is empty.

Items crashbandicoot wants

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o1 - pending trade items

these are items currently pending trade

This list is empty.

o2 - most wanted wl

i don't expect quick trades for these, but these are items i would like most
and would consider trading my htpw items for. i have additional hidden items,
so let me know if you are trading these and would like to work something out ~

numbers represent approximate value per /~owls
(i.e., 2025 = 20-25). i respect if you value these differently!

This list is empty.
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