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Items mybeebsnme owns

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1 ~ Hope You Have FUN Shopping!

I have been away for several months.
Will be working on cleaning & reorganizing my shop as time permits.
If you have any questions, please mail me. :)

Items are listed based on Price.
Mainly I priced items through Clara's Neocash Value Guide.

A few of my favorite HTPW items or items where I do not agree with Clara's Price maybe slightly higher.

Popularity and availability can cause prices to change, I reserve the right to edit pricing based on the current trend.

Hope you have FUN shopping!!!!

This list is empty.

2:1 Sale

Have Fun buying these Super Cheap NC items!
Great for anyone who does not have a lot of NC and wants to get the most for their $$$.
Get any 2 items for 1 GBC or 1 item for 1 NC Mall 9th Birthday Mystery Capsule.

If you want to trade items, value will be rated as 1 on these items.

These items may be in other locations, only because I have duplicates & have reduces the price on the extras.

This list is empty.

1 GBC Items

This list mainly contains items valued at 1 or 2 GBCs on Clara's List.

I will sell any items on this list for 1 GBC.

This list is empty.

2 GBC Items

This list mainly contains items valued at 2 or 3 GBCs on Clara's List.

I will sell any items on this list for 2 GBC.

This list is empty.

4 GBC and Up Items

Please check the number in the upper left corner for the price in GBCs.

This list is empty.


Items I'm probably going to keep. Just going through to try and decide. Some are singles, others I have extras. If that is the case, you will probably find the extras located in the trade items above.

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Items mybeebsnme wants

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2 ~ Wish List ~ Items of interest.

Items I'm Interested In & Would Be Willing To Trade For.

This list is empty.
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