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*** 0.o It's all just stuff & things ***

¯\_( . . )_/¯

I kinda sorta tried to sort all this out.
It's kinda sorta still a mess, I guess.
Any offers are appreciated, please dont be shy!

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1. Dyeworks Lending

Dyeworks I can lend 2 for 1 GBC or a small wish :3
Not for trade, ONLY LENDING thank you for understanding!
Items marked with an "8" are permanently in Dyeworks!

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2. Sales!! Discounts!! Treasures!! OH MY!

2 items for 1 GBC, or 1 item for buyable/custom/other.
I have much more, probably not listed here, in my gallery that is 2:1, so be sure to check that out for more!

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4. Dyeworks (DW) - HTPW - **PICKY**

I use some of these DWs alot. I am purely in love with Dyeworks so most of these are HTPW.
However, everything is up for trade for the right offer!
Ideally I would like to only trade my DWS for other DWS I am seeking.
but on rare occasion I may trade a DW for items from my priority list/s.

99 = only UFT for priority wishes.
9999 = only UFT for priority wishes, used frequently/much loved

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This list is public because, in my opinion, there is no harm in offering, and any offers, to me, are appreciated.
That being said, these items would be the hardest to let go of, if I had to let go of anything in my closet.
I am attached to any item I have listed below, regardless of popularity or value, and they are only here for top wishes.

99 = Only UFT for priority wishes, as the title explained, I am intensely picky with these items.
9999 = Too loved/used to trade. You can offer if you wanna though, because theres always a bit of a chance you have exactly what I want/need! (& Im not tryin` to tell you how to live your life.)

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I am not too picky with these items as long as I have the boxes needed to trade.
I am usually okay with discounting or accepting the lowest value with these items for GBCs, please inquire!

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Items buzzilyn wants

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Anything below this marked 999 is ALWAYS priority/most wanted. Any other numbers are purely for my own personal customization needs.

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pending trades

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