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1. a thing to note

HALF HIATUS UNTIL I'M NOT AS BUSY OFFLINE. I'm still low energy and won't always be up to answering nm right away unless you see me on the boards

boxes currently available Currently anything worth 1 GBC on owls I'm not attatched to is available as 2:1 for GBC or 4:1 for BFGBC. Feel free to ask

Sorry if I take some time to respond to trades. I work full time and may not always have the energy to trade some days. I will respond to all mails once I get the chance to!

I'm pretty flexible with values. I'd rather ensure a trade where we both get what we want without worrying about how much it's worth based on guides that may not always be update or even biased.

There are trades I will have to turn down sometimes. It happens and I'd rather try to rework a trade first so I don't feel like I'll regret it. This is more for myself so I speak up more.

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Shirts | Dresses | Jackets

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too tired to actually make a category. These are uft, just having a list for every category is not a great idea in the long run.

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Items androidturret wants

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0. Will offer closet for

Anything below this I won't offer my closet for unless it was part of a trade involving these items.

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1. Would love to trade for

Will definitely want to trade for these and can offer visible closet for them.

I'll also accept GBC and cookies or custom for items if you don't have my wishes.

Non Wearable Stuff I'm seeking from the mall: Tutti Frutti Birthday Capsule - or stuff you've gotten from one that I'm seeking!

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