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1. a thing to note

I'm pretty flexible with values. I'd rather ensure a trade where we both get what we want without worrying about how much it's worth based on guides that may not always be update or even biased.

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3. 2 for 1 list

All of these are available as 2 for 1 for a GBC.

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3.5 On a side and up for trade

4. Up for trade

These are all up for trade! I not attached to these so they can each be worth 1 GBC for all I care.

I can and will do custom and I hope we can work something out! GBC are accepted too and I may be able to send you as many items as boxes but only if you really want the items. Just please don't ask for something you likely aren't going to use.

I also have a classical magical egg, a sunrise magical egg, a 9th birthday flower cupcake, Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag and a flowery valentine goodie bag.

Things are on a first come first served basis, and I will hold items if I don't have enough gift boxes at the time for a trade. Right now it seems unlikely that I'll have to do that though.

Box count is I have multiple boxes.

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5. visible closet

I'm attached a few of these but most I'd be able to give away for wishlist items. Highest priority items are likely a guaranteed trade though. Items marked 5 are temporary there for things I'm looking for the most.

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Z Relatively Permanent closet

Only offering for items I want the most.

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Items androidturret wants

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Desired the most

I really would like to get these for pet customs. GBC may be available to give but it's not guaranteed if I have them.

I'll only offer custom for items on this list.

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Lower priority

Just because these are lower priority doesn't mean I won't want to trade for them! It just means I'm less likely to go seek these out myself unless I suddenly place them at higher priority.

Anything on my wishlists that you can is see something that I'll want to trade for. I'm just lazy and don't have a lot of time to actually go trade for everything I want.

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Other Backgrounds

I haven't decided how much I want these but I do know I'd use most of them and would like to trade for them if I have something you want.

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