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** Read Me **

Last updated March 2018. LOST INTEREST IN NC TRADING - so I'd recommend not mailing me because I will probably not reply (but I still might.) You could get my attention if you mention you're offering one of my High Priorities (like actually tell me it's on my High Priority List) otherwise I'm probably not going to know or bother looking it up. Just FYI :)

Ignore all section titles, it's just for my own reference.

Seeking these Mystery Capsules: HIGHEST PRIORITY

Non-wearables UFT:

Gifts from amazing friends (not for trade)
Thanks megh4n, hisssi_fit <3

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3b. Trading +

Not accepting GBC for this section. I literally get a few people a week asking about Extra Plaid Scarf. Not sure why this is so popular but if you're going to ask for it, make me an irresistible offer otherwise just know it's in high demand :)

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4a. Trading Sale!

Some are 2:1, just ask :)

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4z. Trading Dyeworks

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1. High Priority

Also seeking Mystery Capsules from this list:

I want these items the most, I'll trade for them even if I say I'm "not trading atm" just tell me it's on my High Priority Wishlist to get my attention ;)

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2. For Customisations

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2. For friends

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3. Wishlist *

Medium Priority, SEEKING

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