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- [htpw] -

These are ones that are hard for me to part with (even if some are lower value)

I also have:
Money Tree Cap x2
23rd Birthday Crochet Cap x2
Pumpkin Picking Cap
Bfgbcs x9
Regular GBCs x2
2023 DW Caps x2

This list is empty.

a. buyables

Here is the list I have for buyables or I don't particularly like, so you can offer whatever you'd like! (2:1 gbc or 3:1 bfgbc or 1:1 cookie)

This list is empty.

b. regular uft

I will accept gbcs for these items based on current /~owls data for values! Some do not have trade data which I am aware, but I’m open to working it out c:

I will also accept smaller wishlist items if warranted

Thank you!!

This list is empty.


Here are my dyeworks! Some will be harder to part with than others. Thanks for looking c:

This list is empty.
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