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Items Parth owns

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0. Preword

+++++IMPORTANT: none of the items on any of my lists are indicative of worth, just how willing I am to trade them over for Caps/Cookies/wishes. +++++

Items marked 98 are my sister's (apologies if there are errors)

For worth, please use ~waka and now ~valentine as a guide. However, most HTPW items are probably worth more to me as I either use them very often or I am very attached to them, so don't be offended if I turn down a good offer. Depending on the item, I am also open to multiples for one item and I am happy to offer customs for WL items.

I will do my best to reply to every query (I have accidentally deleted unread mails before, so apologies in advance if I don't reply, and don't hesitate to send twice), though it may take a while, I will definitely reply even if it's a rejection.


CAPS:Will accept any kind ~~ COOKIES:FQ cookie, NC upcycle cookie and NC archive cookie only

NOTE: I am currently rather content with what I have, so I will be a bit picky with items.

This list is empty.

0. Z-Dyeworks for lend

Can do 2:1 for caps, cookies (1:1 FQFQ, 2:1 Upcycle, 3:1 Archive), or 1:1 dyepot or a wishlist item or a dyecolour I don't have. I plan on doing chain lend, will probably go on boards to it so I can do 1 item for multiple lends. NM me if you are interested and I'll notify you for the chain lend.

This list is empty.

1. Can accept caps for these

WL is always preferred but when I am low on boxes, these are ok to trade for caps. Some items here are also ok 2:1 for boxes or cookies, ones marked 21 are for sure ok for 2:1, I have not been through my list for a while so if there are errors, apologies in advance.

This list is empty.

Items Parth wants

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I'd like but are expensive/hard to find

This list is empty.

~High Priority~

Somewhat higher priority, but not as intent on seeking these as 'seeking now' list...

Definitely NM me if you want caps/customs for these :D

This list is empty.

~~Low priority~~

I like these but most likely will never use them, nevertheless, they bring forth my desire to hoard...

This list is empty.
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