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Neocash Hub Page:

DISCLAIMER: I can almost always offer GBCs/Custom

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2:1 Buyable Sale

Thought I'd separate my 2:1 sales. Sorry if I don't happen to have one of these..sometimes I forget to update it.
Will accept Wishes/GBC/1 Game Packs

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2:1 Sale

Will accept Wishes/GBCs

This list is empty.

5+ Caps

Will accept GBCs/Wishes

Quantity is the GBC value

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Free PB Clothing


  1. Have an UNCLOTHED pet of that color
  2. Make sure you have enough transfers left
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This list is empty.

Plushies I Have

Feel free to ask about them

I'm trying to make myself let go of my plushie gallery since can't keep up with it anymore.

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Side Items UFT

Will accept Wishes/GBCs/Mummified Retired Mystery Caps

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UFT for Wishes

Not UFT 4 GBCs unless I have extras listed elsewhere

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Items arebecca wants

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Buyable Wishes

Not looking to trade from closet section or anything to big for these.
Quantity is how many I need of each.
Trading ONLY from 2:1 sale, 1-2-3 cap sections for these

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Friends Small Wishes

Only trading from 2:1 sale, 1 Cap or 2-3 cap sections for these

This list is empty.

Low Priority & NP Items Reminder

My Wishes

Seeking these Cookies
Lab & Upcycle

Can offer GBCs for some of the wishes

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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