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1. About me and NC Trading...

Hello! My name is Stevi. Welcome to my TL/WL :) Almost everything here is UFT for GBC's, except for items marked with any amounts of 9's as they're my HTPW/VHTPW items. I'm quite easy to deal with but I've been scammed in the past so I won't tolerate silly offers on my items anymore. I will do 2:1 with some items in my UFT list, but never from my CLOSET/HTPW/VHTPW section. There are some items that I value higher than the guides suggest. I always try to mail back but sometimes I forget or accidentally bulk delete all my mails facepalm so if I don't reply, sorry.

Items marked 55 are pending trades :)

This list is empty.

A1: Closet

If you can see this, these items are UFT :) Items marked with a 9 are HTPW, so please don't be offended if I refuse a perfectly good offer.

This list is empty.

A2 Tradeable Closet

Still HTPW but not as hard as my closet!!

This list is empty.

A: Highlights

This list is empty.


Nothing here is HTPW so offer away. I may mix and match some items from here with my 2:1

This list is empty.

C: The 2:1 Section

Exactly what is says... 2 items for 1 GBC :)

This list is empty.
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