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Items spechal1 owns

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Deep Closet

Only UFT for htf/high priorities :)) These are htpw regardless of value.

This list is empty.


My dyeworks, some are harder to part with than others

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HTPW - UFT for Wishes unless dupes

These are closet items that I will have to replace if traded. However, they are up for trade for high priority wishes!

Most are low value, but they are things I use :)

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Items being saved for trades

Feel free to offer wishes (as I may be seeking them towards the same trade)

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Make Up, Jewelry, Contacts, Accessories and thangs


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Newer items

Newer items/Recent Dyeworks

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Zen Gallery

I enjoy bedroom/real life looking room backgrounds :) Doorways, Windows, and outside homes included :P Possibly uft for wishes :)

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Items spechal1 wants

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Pops/Duplicates I'm Casually seeking

Some replacements, some random items..

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Dress to Impress
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