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# hi, i'm sherru! thanks for checking my tradelist ~ c:

Updated: April 2019
Some custom and GBCs available

☀ Trade inquiries by neomail always welcome; I try to reply all mails! ☀
I make most of my trades through DTI mail~ ^_^ However, sometimes I'm really busy or can be a bit of a scatterbrain, so I may miss a mail or accidentally deleted it. :-( If you don't hear back from me within about a day, please do mail me again!
I'm also really flexible with trades, so even if you don't have any of my wishes, feel free to mail and ask anyway~ ♡

⇃⇃⇃⇃⇃ Jump to my wishlists! ⇂⇂⇂⇂⇂

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[1] closet / htpw

may have unreasonable attachment problems with some of these ;w;
kinda really likely these are only uft for gothic snowbunny plushie, gbo and grim statuette, sorry...

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[5] 1 GBC

Discounted for 1 GBC ea; otherwise /~waka values for item trades please.

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[6] 2:1 GBC - Retired / Unbuyables

Send a GBC and pick any two! Feel free to combine with my buyables list below as well.
If I have boxes available, I'll also trade 2:1 for an upcycle or archive cookie, or 1:1 for a fqc.

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[7] 2:1 GBC - Buyables

Send a GBC and pick any two! Feel free to combine with my unbuyables list as well.

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I like to collect "wearable" NC plushies: plushie collection

Please let me know what you are seeking for the items here? I can offer custom, gbcs and also have some unlisted goodies that I'll be happy to trade towards these. :3

ps: I also collect NC wearables that could possibly be considered a plushie. If you have something that could qualify as a plushie, let me know too! c:

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