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"last seen waddling around: july 2019"

Hi! I'm Sherru~ Feel free to mail me anytime about NC trades ❤
I usually have GBCs and custom available to supplement trades c:

Due to a busy work schedule, neomail replies may be a bit delayed sometimes m( . _ . )m
If you don't hear from me within a day or so, please mail me again! I'm usually very responsive (just overworked).

I collect wearable plushies! Check out my collection?
Plushies, pillows, fluffy things~ I collect all poofy things even IRL! If you have something that could qualify as a plushie that I don't yet own, let me know! c:

⇃⇃⇃⇃⇃ Go directly to wishlists! Do not browse TL. Do not collect more casual wishes. ⇂⇂⇂⇂⇂

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[4] tradelist

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[5] sale—two items for one gbc

If I have sufficient boxes:
1:1 FQC or event capsule
2:1 upcycle cookie

not seeking other cookies or custom

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« G i f t s »

Thank you to all my lovely friends and amazing NCCers who've been beyond kind to me. :3

Special shoutouts
The loveliest Kel for the Birthday Streamer Curtains ;__;
Sherry for basically... more than half of this list, for always lending me all the htf items for my customs, and for helping me build up my tradelist. Now, please stop digging in your closet. c':
Jen, Shauna, Maura, Nela, Sky, Mei and all the amazing souls who've been super kind towards me. :'3

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Seeking these items for a dear, dear friend. :3
All my TLs are uft towards this~ I also have some unlisted pretties and htfs so please let me know your wishes if you don't see anything you'd like. c':

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[1] Wishes

Custom and gbcs available.
Feel free to also send me your wishes for anything that's marked 999 or 100~

100 = higher priority; 999 = for friends (top priority)
Also usually interested in GBCs (not looking for anything else right now)

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