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As of Dec 2020, I've been taking a hiatus from Neolife.
Once in a blue moon, I may get on to check things out.
However, I doubt I'll be back any time soon

Thank you for your understanding

Updated: 15 Feb 2021

I'm on daily! Send me neomail (and a link to your TL) if you would like to do any type of trading :)

Heads up! I ask if you send me neomail regarding a fair trade,
please don't mail others.
99.9% of the time I will trade with you.

You can usually catch me between ~2030-2300 NST
NOTHING is HTPW, but I am looking for backgrounds on my WLs

Do you have a Techo Master Room Key (~5-?) or Techo Fanatic GBCs (need the LE box)?
Neomail me! I'm willing to way over offer!

I'm ALWAYS open for some causal trading :)

Please don't value yours high and mine low.
I will not entertain that type of trade.
Please make sure you send a fair offer with your message This list is empty.

[4.0] UFT BGs

Will accept casual trades and GBCs for any of these BGs
Send me you TL! :)

This list is empty.

[4.1] UFT

Casual trades? Send me your trade list.
GBCs, Archive Cookies, Wish list items :)

This list is empty.

[5.0] UFT

Let's Make A Deal!

If my current box count is greater than 20,
Then any 3 items (valued 1-2) on this list
I'll trade for any BG off my wish lists
currently valued at 1-2

aka: 3:1 (3 items for 1 ~1-2 BG on WLs -or- 1 GBC)

>Box Count: 18 | GBC Count: 8<

This list is empty.

Items chaoticdust wants

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[0.5] Very High Priority

Items here I am willing to over offer on (Items/GBCs)
But hoping someone will go for a fair value trade

This list is empty.

[3] WL: Low Priority

This list is empty.

[5] WL Sales?

Dress to Impress
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