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Items athzalar owns

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as of april 2021 i'm on semi-hiatus, just not feeling so well. I reply to nms, just will take a bit longer to reply

Numbers for my reference, you can ignore :).

Multiple numbers mean HTPW


This list is empty.

1.1- HTPW

HTPW but still UFT if its on here :) please dont be upset if i turn down a perfectly fair offer

I must also add, that i dont agree with certain waka values for items on this list.

This list is empty.

1.2- Highlights

Multiple numbers mean HTPW

most likely higher valued or im just a bit attached or think its pretty

accepting gbc for a lot of these if its 99 i might or might not accepto gbc~ sorry!

This list is empty.

2- 2:1 sale

ACTIVELY SEEKING ARCHIVE COOKIES 2 for 1 gbc/archive cookie

This list is empty.

3- Regular uft

please dont be upset if i turn down a perfectly fair offer- there still might be some htpw items here

This list is empty.


actively updating this list

This list is empty.


actively updating, feel free to ask. Worst i can say is no thank you

This list is empty.

Items athzalar wants

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2- future customs

after my top priorities these are what im seeking

77 means pending trade

99 seeking the most/first

This list is empty.

casually seeking

i just think these are pretty and would be nice as filler for big valued items

This list is empty.
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