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Lower Foregrounds

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My Faves

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Paint Brush Clothing

I got dis paint brush clothing from zappin' at the lab, but if your pet doesn't like being nakie, NM me and you can have it.

Your pet HAS to be the color of the clothing you're requesting

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Side Items UFT

Items marked 111 222 333 444 let me know what side account they are on.

a_a - 1
k_t_t - 2
ssd - 3
s_t - 4

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xx.xx.||A e s t h e t i c * * *||.xx.xx

I probably won't trade anything here, unless it's for super high end cap valued items.

These are items I use on my pets regularly through the seasons.

~~~ NTS: 333 - you best replace this if you trade it holmes.

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Dress to Impress
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