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Welcome to my tradelist

NMs are always open :)

2:1 at the bottom of list

This list is empty.

Items Worth 1

This list is empty.

Private Closet

If this is public, I'm probably looking for something specific from someone specific

5555=not for trade unless I offer it to you

This list is empty.

SALE (2:1)

or one dyepot. numbers are for personal reference

This list is empty.

zz. Les Cadeaux

thank you SO MUCH to the kind neopians who gifted me these items

This list is empty.

Items tshevv wants

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1// For Montravel & Vouvrais {very high priority}

Feel free to ask about closet items for these. Still may be picky with the closet items, though.

7=pending trade

This list is empty.

2// For Cairann & Clairetee & Vacqueyras {high priority}

immediately necessary for the permanent customs of my newly painted pets! <3

This list is empty.

3// Topical &/or interested in for casual traes

these are probably in the mall right now or up until recently I don't necessarily have something to do with them, but like them

This list is empty.
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