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Items iloveyou637 owns

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About Me

Welcome to my DTI!

Neomails regarding trades are always open.

I will only ever contact you from "iloveyou637."

I don't care if you neomail multiple people about the same item, but at least let me know you no longer need it when I respond to your neomail.

This list is empty.


Everything here should be fair game for GBCs/custom
(Currently seeking NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies)

Items marked "444" are pending a trade

Other numbers indicate quantity

Not doing 2:1 for these. Sorry!

This list is empty.

UFT - 2:1

Numbers indicate quantity
Currently seeking NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies, but GBCs are fine too

3:1 if you are sending a Black Friday GBC!

This list is empty.

UFT - Unwearables

Retired Unwearables Tradelist:

This list is empty.

Items iloveyou637 wants

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Let's Keep Things SUPER Casual

Probably not actively seeking this section, but feel free to ask! :3

"21" = items I'm hoping to find in a 2:1 sale

This list is empty.

Replacement Game

Items I have traded away and will need to replace at some point,
but not in a hurry to do so unless it's listed somewhere else also :)

This list is set to public

This list is empty.

Unbuyable NP Items

"99" = items that I can't find on the Trading Post, so please mail if you have it UFT! (:

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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