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Items sieskitty9 owns

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Hi! Welcome to my messy closet. UPDATED-ish as of 5/29/22

I trade soley from sieskitty9 now. In the rare case that it comes from a side I will let you know. (Just as a forewarning due to scammers using similar usernames to nab NC items)

Feel free to neomail me with offers, I don't trade too often these days but I'll definitely take a look ^^

box count: 75

GBC count: 10 in SDB + 12 in inventory + 39 in gallery

BF GBC: 25

Training cookies: 3

Birthday Ona Caps: 10

RR Sweetheart Caps: 2

Strawberry Surprise Retired Mystery Capsule: 5

RR MME Caps: 10

RR Dyeworks Caps: 3

Dyeworks potion: 9

See gallery section NC for addl caps/GBCs/grams!

This list is empty.

2:1 Sale!

One man's trash is another man's treasure

2 for 1 GBC or willing to work with offers to get rid of these items

this list is what I pull for Kaia items, I'm usually pretty good at getting them removed after chucking them to her but if not I apologize ;-;

This list is empty.

3.3 ~UFT~

-->999 means HTPW/picky about trading

--->888 means pending trade

--->otherwise numbers indicate how many I have.

I'll accept GBC for most items although I do prefer item to item trades. I normally use ~waka/~priscilla for values! :)

This list is empty.

Items sieskitty9 wants

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0.0 High Priority

Seasonal pretties~

I have plans for these and I need these naow

numbers are /~owls or /~waka values otherwise:

Offering custom for items marked 777 on this list only

888 is pending trade

This list is empty.

2. Low Priority

Pretties I need but have zero plans for!

888 means pending trade

21 means hoping to get under a 2:1 GBC sale

otherwise number indicates quantity needed!

This list is empty.

3. Wish upon a star...

rare/expensive/HTF items that will probably take a lot of work + luck to get lol

This list is empty.
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