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0.0 - Howdy!

Hellooo. Nice to meet u :) I'm still new at NC Trading. I'm a little hesitant to make or agree to offers sometimes, but please don't be dismayed! I usually have Gift Box Capsules (GBCs) and Black Friday Gift Box Capsules (BFGBC) on hand.

When you send me a Neomail, let me know which list the item is listed in! Here's what's in here:


0.1 - 2-for-1 Sale: some simple items I won't ever use. You can have one or two for a Gift Box Capsule. :)

0.2 - Weird Trade List: I use these occasionally but i'm not terribly attached... some of them are functional but just kinda ugly, you know? Feel free to make an offer. If you have a replacement you wanna trade for (a makeup for a makeup, a gothic dress for a gothic dress, etc) that would be the ideal. :)

0.3 - Paintbrush Clothes: Extra PB clothes I have! Free to a good home (if you have the right pet, of course)

0.4 - Active Closet: stuff i use in customisation! As you can see, I am out of control XD I like these, so I don't usually want to trade them away. I won't be annoyed if you make an offer though, so don't be afraid!


AA - Gimme: I'd really like these! They're pretty :3

BB - Nice things: These are cool! I'd like to have one some day :)

CC - Rainbow Froggie: I have the best quiggle ever :D These are for fun and mostly low priority?

DD - Clownie Clown: Clownie Clown!!!!! Also for fun

EE - Fashion Model: I don't actually really want these, they're just fun for dress up, hehe

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0.2 - Weird Trade List

I'm not attached to these, but I kind of sort of like them. Offers welcome, trades for similar items are appreciated but not required!

This list is empty.

0.4 - Active Closet

These are in my closet! I like them, I use them! You can make an offer if you want, but I'm more hesitant to part with these.

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BB - Nice Things

These are nice :) I'd like to have some of these, but I'm not desperate for em!

This list is empty.

CC - Rainbow Froggie

Stuff I want specifically for my quiggle :) Most of these are just for fun and dress-up, so I might reject a perfectly good offer on something here! Don't be dismayed, though!

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