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Items Spazzyhippie owns

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An Intro to my Lists!

Welcome to my trade listings! I have ALL my items here up for trade! I am extremely open to any and all trades for my wishlist items! Please don't be afraid to inquire!

IMPORTANT: Anything marked with 99 is ONLY for trade for my wishes! Everything else is tradeable for my wishes or GBC's/Cookies. Thank you NOTE: any non-'99'- numbers are indicative of the amount i own.

I may be picky on some trades, But I am very laid back and you have a wish of mine and I have a wish of yours im more likely to accept the trade!

I also accept GBC's and Cookies too!

This list is empty.

Trade in progress

Items in here are currently in the process of being traded between me and others. Please do not offer on items in this list.

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Items Spazzyhippie wants

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NC Wishlist 1: MariosRainbowCastle

All Items in this wishlist I want for pets on my Side Account "mariosrainbowcastle"

This list is empty.

NC Wishlist 2: BigBoosHaunt

Items in this wishlist I want for my Side Account "bigbooshaunt"

This list is empty.

NC Wishlist 3:GruntyIndustries

Items in this list I want for my side account "gruntyindustries"

This list is empty.

NC Wishlist 5: HippieMord

Items I in this Wishlist I want for my MAIN Account "hippiemord"

This list is empty.
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