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Items dzalph owns

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Updated: Sept 2022

Items under categories with 'UFT' indications can be traded for GBC/cookies/retired caps.

With all the vague pointers going through in NCC, I think there's a need for clarification:

HTPW are for wishes - but again, I will prioritize on getting my 1st WL which means I may reject your offer if your offer is not part of my priority WL and/or equivalent based on ratio/s and value of both items.

There is a reason why it is HTPW and that is because I think these items may help me get my wishes and they're HTF, I really don't enjoy doing the replacement game.

All values are with reference to DTI ratios, personal judgment & values (via ~Owls)

I will reply to all mails regardless if I'm willing to go ahead with it and if you do not receive a response from me after 24 hours, feel free to drop me another mail!

This list is empty.

2. Regular UFT

This list is empty.

4.1. UFT - SALE (Buyable)

3:1 BFGBC / 1:1 FQC or Lab Ray Cookie / 2:1 Upcycle Cookie or GBC

This list is empty.

Items dzalph wants

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0.5. For Custom Purposes

99 = Higher priority

This list is empty.

2.0. High Pop Wishes

They're here, I want them and I will offer fair when given the opportunity but not actively seeking.

This list is empty.

3. Lower Priority

These items are only for my hoarding purposes. I am seeking for them but not in a hurry to do so.

This list is empty.
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