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Updated: Feb 2023

TL is unorganized for most of it but most should be UFT, i am only human and may have missed out some items that i love and do not want to trade at the moment.

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0.01. CUSTOM (indicated on board) PLEASE

little highlights that i'm willing to trade for whatevers thats on my title

qty = cap value im looking for, if theres no # on the item, make an offer!

for the items that were recently rr'd, chances are, i'm going to value them lower than ~owls.

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2.03. UFT

This list is empty.

2.04. UFT but DW

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2.05. Buyables

2:1 GBCs

or if I have boxes:

1:1 FQC or Lab Ray or Training Cookie

2:1 Upcycle or Archive Cookie

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2.2. Side UFT (Z - Regular UFT)

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1.0. Actively Searching For (Priority Wishes)

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