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Items cbl93 owns

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Some items here I won't accept pure GBC/custom on, but am willing to entertain offers of wishes/custom. Numbers are amounts, not value!

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Regular Trade List

Numbers are amounts, not value!

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The 2:1 GBC Sale

A mix of buyables & non-buyables. Everything is 2:1 GBC or 4:1 BF GBC! If I'm good on boxes I can trade 1:1 for dyepots or 2:1 for upcycle cookies!

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Items cbl93 wants

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Everything I like is expensive...

I’m always overoffering for these wishes and can typically include or offer full custom (including stocking pre-trades!) if you have any of these wishes and would like to make a deal!

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My Regular Wishes

I'm more than willing to overoffer for my wishes. Feel free to mail me with offers if you have any of these!

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