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0. Notice!

It is perfectly okay to NM me again in a day or so if I don't respond to your first mail, my hours are currently super unpredictable so I may not mail you back the first time if it's been 12+ hours since it was sent.

I don't sort out items that are being planned for sides (mostly due to how hair raising sorting my list is when I'm constantly redesigning the customs). Please don't be offended I won't trade an item for that reason.

I use /~Waka for values. I usually value items in my Keeping for Main list at the median of the values but a few items I do value high or not the same as what's listed -- always ask.

The conditions for trading items marked 999 in my keeping for main list are firm. You are wasting your time offering on these directly. If you may be seeking a trade for these items, though, you can show me your WL and based on the items you have I may be willing to trade them.

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As the list states. Some of these items are discounted and feel free to ask about bulk trade discounts for trades totalling 3 or more items!

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2:1 Sale

Yep, I've finally reached my limit, the old SDB is too huge and the closet excess too much! Everything in this list is 2:1!

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2:1, currently available in the mall. I probably have extras of these.

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This list is empty.

Z. Keeping for Main

Only select items are UFT for GBCs, please ask about an item before offering, I'm very picky here and several of these item are not up for trade without receiving the right offer.

999 = Not UFT unless offered. 99 = UFT for priority wishes only.

21 or 12 is preferred to be filler but may be traded for 2:1 IF I have boxes (in the case I have no boxes they are traded at a value of 1)

Unmarked items are traded at the median of /~Waka, discounts for pure GBC trades available.

Note: Not all items are NC since this is imported from my closet and used to plan customs.

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z2. Extra PB Clothing (All Accounts)

Paint Brush Clothing! Just NM to set up a time to grab them. These PB clothes may not be on my main, so the accounts will need to have space and transfers in order to get you your clothes.

66/77/88/99/00 - In any combination - Which account has what. 2147483647 - All acounts have these clothes (PS, this is also the highest you can make a wishlist item...)

+02 (ex. 7702, 66027702) - I have extra sets of the same clothes on this account, Side 66 and my main have 2 sets in the second example.

Unnumbered items are sets I am keeping atm.

This list will be slow to get updated because I may want to keep some extra sets for my pets!

??? ??? ? ??? ???? ?? ??????! Aisha Collar
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Items KittyKatty1234 wants

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Noil Gallery

Noil items I'm seeking for my gallery. Mostly looking for these as filler on trades!

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Z. DW Additional

Additional colors of the DWs I'm seeking. Listing the colors here so that they show up on people who might be looking to trade.

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