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00. Intro


I use Owls/Waka/NeoBoards as a value guide. I do not use a numeric code system to indicate quantity or valuation, so you can view my trade lists from any DTI version.

I will always respond to mail :) if I haven't, I've just been preoccupied with work and haven't logged on in a while :')

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02. Closet

Seeking: my priority wishes

This list is empty.

03. UFT

Seeking: items / RR capsules

Not listed but also up for trade:

  • Babaa Bedtime Baby Mystery Capsule

  • Pumpkin Picking Retired Mystery Capsule

  • Pumpkin Spice Mystery Capsule

  • Retired Sweetheart Gram Mystery Capsule 2024

This list is empty.

04. 2:1 sale

Seeking: 1 RR capsule / 1 GBC for any 2 items

This list is empty.

Items _friday_13th_ wants

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