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1. Welcome

404 Shirt # = Box Count
Other numbers are personal values

Quick Links:
Main Tradelist - HTPW / Regular / Unwearables
Side Tradelist - LA / CM / LE / C
Wishlist - Top / High / DW / Mid / Casual

Dyeworks Lends:
Happy to lend for GBC (can do 2:1) / dyepot / small wish

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3. Main TL

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3.1 On Side LA

99 = HTPW, followed by personal value

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4. Unwearables

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Handy Negg Enlarger
Can be used (even now) with mini plastic neggs from the 2012 Festival of Neggs to obtain these items.
I value the enlarger at ~5-6 caps based on the value of the items

Limited Edition Gold Kyrii Key Quest Token
Gives Golden Sparkle Trousers when activated

Starry NC Fortune Cookie:
Starry Night Sky Wig x2
Constellation Sword x2
Orbiting Planets Garland x2
Constellation Wings x2

Retired Capsules:
Argyle Mystery Capsule
Mini Argyle Mystery Capsule
Feather Boa Mystery Capsule
Mini Feather Boa Mystery Capsule
Spring Garden Mystery Capsule
Shenkuu JubJub Power Bounce Suitcase
Basics Bundle: Wigging Out (on side C)

Blumaroll Dice 1-Pack
Holiday Secret Meepit Stach Plan 1-Pack
Sealed with a Gift Valentine Opener 1-Pack
Advent Calendar JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-pack
Featured Game Ticket (on side LA)

Furniture and Food (on side CM):
Kiko Lake Fence
Krawk Island Ship Lamp
Fun Virtupets Lamp
Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza
Money Tree Cupcake (on main)

Goodie Bags etc listed at JN

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Items Loyswo wants

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