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Items Sisebi owns

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Closet Items

These items are in Gwendolinne's closet. Hard to part with, but UFT for the right offers.

Note: I'm still in the midst of moving items from this list to my non-tradable closet.

This list is empty.

UFT (On Main)

Feel free to neomail me about anything on this list! :)

I can be picky about what I trade for particular items. Most of these should be marked (99) and there won't be many, but I'll let you know if I forgot to mark it.

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Items Sisebi wants

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1. Needed for Custom

I currently need these items for a custom. If there's something here, I will trade for these as my highest priority.

This list is empty.

2. Priority Wishlist

Items I'm searching for actively.

This list is empty.

3. Seasonal Wishlist

These change per season. Still very much wanted.

This list is empty.
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