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Closet/Very HTPW

These items are only uft for items I am desperate for. I am not offended if you offer on them though :3

Mainly after my larger (Over 15 cap value) items for this section. Trying to replace my Scattered Light Shower ATM,

---Non-wearable items I own---

= Tons of Goodie Bags (Just ask which ones)

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Items marked 66 are on a boxless side.

I do not do 2:1 sales :( Sorry.

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Items hottshot_anyway wants

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Need to replace!

I traded these items away to get certain wishies that I was desperate for. Some of these are lower priority, some are higher. Depending on the season x___x

IF you have any of these items uft and you don't see anything on my tradelist you like please do NOT hesitate to mail me your wishlist.

High Priority :

-MME Golden Outdoor BG

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