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A. Highlights

Some of these may be harder to part with than others - please don't be offended if I turn down a fair offer.
Pickier with items marked with the number "8".

Glamourous Birthday Hat Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1
Spooky Blorpulous Magic Elixir x1
Shadow Shoyru Key Quest Token x1

The GBC(s) listed here are only UFT for collectors!

This list is empty.


These are not HTPW at all ^-^

This list is empty.

C. 2:1 sale

Two items on this list for any new cube-style GBC.

This list is empty.

I. Pretrades

These items are reserved for pretrades. I am willing to hold certain items for a period of up to 2 weeks. This does not apply to populars or highly sought after items for the simple reason that I can easily find an alternative trade.

Those marked with a "10" are incoming items. Those without a number are outgoing items.

This list is empty.

Items charlieputh wants

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1. High priority

Dress to Impress
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