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I know long intros and rules aren't exactly liked on the ncc but bear with me, please! I promise I'm an easy person to trade with as long as the following is read and understood.

I. My closet items are not featured on my dti page. As such, everything you can see is available for trade. However, I reserve the right to deny trades with anyone without having to give an explanation. - this is usually either because 1) I am saving the item in question for a specific wish/trade or 2) the item in question is not a permanent closet item but is currently in-use as part of an outfit.

II. Please DO NOT mail me about a potential trade, mail other people about the same trade, and tell me you've found a trade elsewhere when I respond to your mail. If you've found a trade elsewhere, the least you could do is send me a follow-up neomail so I don't have to waste my time responding to a trade that isn't going to happen. If anyone ignores this one pet peeve of mine, consider all future trade offers ignored.

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A. Highlights

These items are UFT for specific wishes and/or customs only.
I may not want GBCs/custom for some of the more HTF items.
Please note that I may value some of these items different than what is listed on the available guides (marked "99").
Some of these may be harder to part with than others - please don't be offended if I turn down a fair offer.
Pickier with items marked with the number "8".
(10+ boxes)

7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 x3
8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake x3
Glamourous Birthday Hat Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1
Spooky Blorpulous Magic Elixir x1
Shadow Shoyru Key Quest Token x1

I am extremely picky with what I trade the sparkler cupcakes for so please keep that in mind when offering on them.
The GBCs listed here are only UFT for collectors!

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A1. Valentines grams

Trading Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram (2017) x2 -- you can choose one of the following items from the gram (no LE).

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B. Dyeworks

These are some dyeworks items I have UFT.
All retired dyeworks are generally HTPW.
I do not value retired dyeworks at 1-2.
Items labelled with a "5" are situated on side(s).
Items labelled with an "8" are harder to part with.
All other numbers in this section refer to quantity.

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D. Clothing/accessories

These are the clothing items part of my regular tradelist.

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E. Foregrounds/garlands/trinkets

These are the foregrounds/garlands/trinkets part of my regular tradelist.

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G. 2:1 sale

Two items on this list for any new cube-style GBC. If I get more boxes, you get more items (up to four).
List the items you want in order of priority and send over the GBC to "lunafaeire" once you receive confirmation that the item(s) you want are available :)

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L. Pretrades

These items are reserved for pretrades. I am willing to hold certain items for a period of up to 2 weeks. This does not apply to populars or highly sought after items for the simple reason that I can easily find an alternative trade.

Those marked with a "10" are incoming items. Those without a number are outgoing items.

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Items charlieputh wants

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2. Low priority

Highlights ("8" and "99" items) are not usually uft for these items -- will trade multiples from my regular sections (depending on the value).

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3. Super casual

These are my super casual wishes -- highlights are only uft for certain items. Keepin' it real lol

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4. Wouldn't mind a spare

I wouldn't mind trading for spares of these items I already own in order to build up my tradelist :)

Highlights are uft for some of these items -- these items are not a priority.

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