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01. My Tradelist

Updated January 15th, 2020

Thanks for checking out my tradelist!

Items marked with 99 are HTPW so please don't be upset if I turn down a totally reasonable offer for them.

Items marked 11 have a possible pending trade.

All other numbers indicate how many of that item I have available.

I use ~waka to determine value

Please feel free to send me a neomail with any questions or offers! Sometimes I don't see all my messages so if I haven't responded within a day go ahead and message me again!

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12. Misc.

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Items BokuWaKiba wants

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A. Priority Wishes

Items needed for current customizations

Also always seeking Dyeworks Mystery Capsules, GBCs, and faerie quest/lab ray cookies!

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C. In My Dreams

Willing to trade almost anything I have for these items!

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