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Updated November 16, 2020

I realize I do not have many wishes; they come and go and I'm very, very good at acquiring my wishes quickly. If you see one of your wishes, but don't have any of mine, always feel free to drop me a TL. (I almost always have custom and GBC but can make trades for these things as I understand my wishlist is small.) If I don't respond to your mail- I DID NOT RECEIVE IT. Please resend! TNT is literally THE WORST when it comes to glitches, particularly the Neomail one.

Feel free to Neomail me if you see something or have one of my wishes. I may be picky with some things (everyone else is, so why not?) But if it's up here in this UFT section it is up for trade. I own many things that I do not want to trade and I keep them in my private closet. Yes, I have a private closet. People who brag by showing stuff that they have, especially pops & HTFs, but have no intention of trading- can take a long walk off a short pier.

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A Priority Wishlist

These wearables are pieces in the custom next on deck! So I will be more interested in trading GBCs/Cookies/Custom for these, than regular WL items. (I always prefer item:item!)

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Wishes Needed For Gallery

These are low-priority, box-dependent wishes for my gallery. If I have things a-plenty to trade (and enough boxes so that I don't end up boxless for actual wishes) then I am seeking these!

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