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Updated September 7, 2020

Feel free to Neomail me if you see something or have one of my wishes. I may be picky with some things (everyone else is, so why not?) But if it's up here in this UFT section it is up for trade. I own many things that I do not want to trade and I keep them in my private closet. Yes, I have a private closet. People who brag by showing stuff that they have, especially pops & HTFs, but have no intention of trading- can take a long walk off a short pier.

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A Priority Wishlist

These wearables are pieces in the custom next on deck! So I will be more interested in trading GBCs/Cookies/Custom for these, than regular WL items. (I always prefer item:item!)

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Wishes Needed For Gallery

These are low-priority, box-dependent wishes for my gallery. If I have things a-plenty to trade (and enough boxes so that I don't end up boxless for actual wishes) then I am seeking these!

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