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Items Rexcalibur owns

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0 ~ Conker's NC Tradelists & Wishlists

~ last updated 6/23/22 ~

I'm in the middle of prepping for a cross-country move, so between packing & working full-time (9-5 / M-F NST), my time on Neo is a bit more sporadic. But I will always come on daily for lab zaps! lol

If I don't respond to your NM within a full day, please NM me again! (NMs are glitchy)
I always respond to everyone, even if it's to say no. :)

If you're having a hard time reaching me via NM, feel free to reach my Discord @ Rexaura#5303


I am always offering currently buyable caps / RR's / GBC's (& cookies/customs, etc.) for everything on my Top & Med Prio WL sections! & You're welcome to send me your TL as well, as I also have a hidden WL c:

Please ignore the values/numbers!! These are for personal reference & indicate to me which acct they're on & whether they're in use.
Pls ignore & don't overthink them lol


(anything in this current list = pending trade
i.e. I've offered or it's been requested to trade within the last 24 hours)

This list is empty.

0.00 ~ UFT | New Altador Cup Buyables

yay sports!

I value all these items @ 1
seeking item trades for these c:

This list is empty.

1.1 ~ UFT for GBCs & WL - 1 cap

Items I value @ 1

Open to GBCs, Upcycles, & Item trades

please ignore numbers ~ they do not represent quantity or value lol

This list is empty.

1.2 ~ UFT for GBCs & WL - 2 caps

1.3 ~ UFT for GBCs & WL - 3+ caps

Items I value at 3 or more

Open to GBCs, Upcycles, & wishes/item trades

Numbers = acct, not quantity or value ~ ignore them uwu

This list is empty.

2.10 ~ UFT for WL - Buyables

These items are currently buyable (that I don't already own in my SDB)

Open only to wishes / item trades

Most are valued at 1, but am also willing to trade these for retired items you might value at 0.5 (i.e. in your 2:1 sales) ~

0000 = limited time release

More buyables in my 2:1 Yeet section :3

This list is empty.

2.12 ~ UFT for WL - 1-2 caps

Items I value at 1-2

Only seeking wishes for these
I'm fine with keeping these / am in no rush to trade em away cx

Ignore numbers, they're for personal reference

This list is empty.

2.13 ~ UFT for WL - KQ Items

Items I value at 1-2

Open only to wishes

Some folks aren't aware that these items are buyable via KeyQuest Tokens!
If that's you, then here's your TIL c;

This list is empty.

2.3 ~ UFT for WL - 3+ caps

Items I value at 3 or more

Seeking item trades & wishes

Numbers = what acct the item is on

This list is empty.

4.0 ~ UFT - 2:1

Items I value at 0.5 caps

2:1 item trades
2:1 GBCs
1:1 FQC

Numbers = which acct the item is on, not value or quantity ~ ignore them

This list is empty.

4.1 ~ UFT - Yeet

Send me a GBC!
However many boxes I receive is how many items you pick to have c:

Or, you can send me one of your non-buyables (valued at 2:1 / 0.5), & I can send you 2/3 of these.
Depending on how many boxes I have lol

Also! I may just Upcycle these items if they chill here for too long,
so definitely NM me if you're interested in trading for them c:

This list is empty.

5.1 ~ UFT - Unused Closet / tentative UFT

Possibly UFT... but possibly not? Either way, I like how they look, am using them, and/or they took me forever to trade for. Though I might be willing to trade these for pops & overoffers... uwu

Seeking my Top & Med Prio items for these
Preferrably the more uncommon or HTF items

I may value them on the higher end of their Owls/Waka ranges, just an fyi.
& Please don't be shocked if I turn down fair offers for these!

I will remove items from this list if I realize I'm not ready to part with them. c;

ignore numbers - they're for personal reference / indicating what acct they're on, if they're being used, etc.

This list is empty.

5.2 ~ UFT - HTPW

Items UFT only for the below wishes :U

A Haunting Path Background (5-6)
Enter the Battle Background (4-6)
Dark Valentine Sword (10-13?)
Closed Eye Contacts (10-15)
Premium Collectible: Blue Moon Field Background (10-12)
Darkness Attacks (10)
Fabled Silvery Lake Background (lollll)

ignore numbers please - these are for personal reference / which acct they're on

(fwiw, anything I absolutely wouldn't trade isn't listed anywhere in my TL)

This list is empty.

zz ~ Extra Pet Clothes

(will move this to a completely separate list when I have time)

I have way too many extra pet clothes from zapping! I don't want to outright discard these though, in case folks are looking for em. Value indicates what acct they're on, not quantity.

If you have a nekkid pet that could benefit from clothes listed here, lmk! I'm happy to help c: (Not expecting anything in return ofc lol)

This list is empty.

Items Rexcalibur wants

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0 ~ Conker's NC Items Wishlist

I would love to trade my TL/caps/cookies/customs for everything in my top/med prio wishlists.
Especially if nothing in my tradelists interest you c:

Please ignore the values/numbers
they are for personal reference!! if you think too hard about them, it gets confusing lmao


anything in this current list = pending trade
i.e. I've asked or someone's offered within the last 48 hours
will remove these when trade concludes or cancels

This list is empty.

1.0 ~ Seeking - Top Prio (pls)

Actively seeking these!!

pretty much everything I have in my TL, plus GBCs, cookies, custom, etc.

notes below are reminders to myself why I'm seeking them lollll

A Haunting Path Background (for Vorrux)
Enter the Battle Background (for TheTaskmaster)
End of the Rainbow Beam (for Frazzou... remind me to stop trading it away lmao)
Sloth Army (for Invaderz)
Mutant Tuxedo (for Vultori)
Dyeworks Red: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig (for Fioravanti)

This list is empty.

2 ~ Seeking - Med Prio

Items I'm seeking for customs!


goals / notes to self:
Unsettling Reflection Foreground
Portal to the Unknown (for slmshady)
MME19-S5a: Crokabek Omen Foreground (for Vultori)
Tyrannian Volcano Background (for Vorrux)
MME16-S2a: Menacing Tree Vine Garland (for DarkCherubimon)

This list is empty.

2.1 ~ Seeking - Jester Hats

3 ~ Seeking - Low Prio

Offering TL/custom/caps/cookies for these cx

Not in a rush to get them, but got some customs/ideas in mind for em!

This list is empty.

4 ~ Seeking - Casual Wants

Stuff I saw other people own that I think is pretty neat, but don't have any real customization plans for & am not actively seeking lol. Feel free to offer, though I may or may not accept fair trades from this section idk lol cx

Disclaimer: This list frequently changes depending on my mood lol
I might move some into Low Prio if I find a pet for it, or into a hidden list if I'm just hoarding/splurging uwu

(the more higher-valued items are just reminders for me to look into later lol)