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Items Kianna owns

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0. welcome

I reply within 24 hours (usually less) so if you didn't receive a response I didn't get your mail and feel free to try again. Thank you

A few rules:

1) Please do not gift me anything from my wishlists, it is dearly appreciated but I have everything I really need and I just want to trade :)

2) Please do not use words like "dear" or "hun" when you are trying to set up a trade with me, I find it awkward if we don't know each other.

3) Please read the descriptions above my lists. They are there for a reason and it will save both of us time.

4) I won't trade with you just because you want an item for a permie custom, sorry. I have things I want too.

This list is empty.

1. highlights & tradeable closet

Not interested in GBCs/custom for these.

UFT for HP cakes (7th Birthday Cake Slice #1/8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake) and wishes!

99 = closet items that I sometimes use (but am not currently using), will be picky

9999 = pickiest, but I might consider a really good offer in HP cakes or big pops!

This list is empty.

2. nicer things

May entertain GBC/custom offers for these depending on the item and my current need

This list is empty.

3. 1 cap sale

You can ask for some of these in a 2:1, I may be willing depending on the items involved, but I still reserve the right to decline even if you've seen the item in someone else's 2:1 sale

This list is empty.

4. 2:1 gbc sale

Buyables or things I have too many of, take em away