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0. Description

I'll only be casually trading when I have a board up, but mails are still open for GBC/cookie/custom trades, Dyeworks lends, and my WL. Thank you

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1. dyeworks lending (Not Up For Trade)

all non-seasonal dyeworkable items, will lend 2:1 for a GBC or 1:1 for a FQC/training/upcycle cookie or dyepot

this list is set to Public, I'm very happy to lend but these are absolutely positively not UFT unless you also see them in another one of my lists

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2. bigger highlights

3. highlights for caps/custom

probably uft for caps/custom, numbers roughly denote how I value them

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4. UFT for 1 cap or cookie

Some may be discounted off ~Waka if recently RR'ed or if I think they're not particularly sought after

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5. 2:1 sale

I typically only do 2:1 trades for GBCs unless I'm absolutely swimming in boxes. For caps or cookies, you can ask but I may only do 1:1 trades for them unless I have a huge excess of boxes

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Items Kianna wants

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1. higher priority

more 9s = more priority

if you have any of these UFT and want pure gbcs or custom, I can probably get it for you :)

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2. populars wl

just a reference list for other things that I think trade particularly well, always interested in working out trades for these

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