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Items rukanightmare owns

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1. Main

Hello there! I usually use ~waka as a guideline. Numbers represent quantity. There are some items that I may prefer item to item trade or be picky over. My timezone is GMT +8 so please give me some time to answer any mails. I'm online daily though. :)

As at 14-Jan: GBC: 16 | BF GBC: 16 | Boxes: 5

This list is empty.


This list is empty.


This list is empty.


Never up for trade unless I offer. List is set to public but not trading.

This list is empty.

Foregrounds / Trinkets / Garlands / Frames

Too lazy to separate these small items. So yes these are all thrown into things that occupies the foreground.

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Items rukanightmare wants

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I doubt I'll ever be able to get my hands on them but still!

This list is empty.


Regular Wishes

Just think they're pretty and would be nice to have. No idea what to do with them yet. Doesn't take much priority.

This list is empty.
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