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0. Happy to trade

November 2020:

If it's listed here then it's up for trade. I mean everything is really up for trade. Trade lists are welcome.

Mind that I am on +9 hrs NST (Sweden) so please give me time to respond, if you NM me with a trade offer and change your mind let me know so I don't waste time and effort.

There are a lot of items I'll be happy to to do 2:1 GBC just to cover "box expenses". But haven't gotten round to list it better. Just ask. Cookies for fearie quest is also a good option for trading if I decline 2:1 GBC. Still cheap.:)

I aim to trade fair, and go by ~waka, and keep an eye on ~Priscilla, I might value some items different. Again just ask.

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1.2 Backgrounds, foregrounds and trinkets UFT

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1.3 Clothes UFT

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1.4 Accessories UFT

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Items louisep wants

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3. Regular wishes

Just lovely things I'd like for future customizations.

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4. Ah, the impossible?

Acorn frenzy

Gallery wishes. I just got this White Stripes song Acorns in my head. It should be a gallery on neo, or maybe even a customization.

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Petpet Park - nostalgia

Seeking for a nostalgia gallery.

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