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0. Hi!

I can usually offer custom though I'm a little low on GBC at the moment. Currently mainly seeking GBC for my regular and DW UFT!

Non-wearable UFT: 2 x NC Mall 12th Birthday caps Pretty in Pink Sweetheart Grams Enchanting Sweetheart Grams Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram

Seeking (aside from wishes):
Archive / upcycle cookies
Lab cookie / FQC
Baby Bottle Mystery Capsule

Dyeworks original I can lend for a dyepot or FQC/lab cookie:

This list is empty.

A. Highlights


Generally looking for wishes, GBC, dyepots, cookies! c:

This list is empty.

B. UFT - Dyeworks

This list is empty.

C. HTPW / Closet

More likely to part with these for priority / bigger wishes!

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Items scrumple wants

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B. Casually Seeking

This list is empty.

C. Casually Seeking - DW

Some are higher-priority than others - may turn down fair offers if I'm wanting to save up for something else / have no immediate plans!

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