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My list is a work in progress, so bear with it.

I can offer GBCs, unlimited customs, basically anything in the mall for my wishes. Feel free to neomail and ask.

I am open to neomails; I am friendly and do not bite so feel free to offer. However, I am almost never seeking customs. I will take archive cookies, fqcs, and lab ray cookies for certain items. I also am always seeking GBCs and mystery capsules. I do prefer to trade for my wishes, though.

If you see something that is generally 2:1, I will most likely trade 2:1 or 1:1 for cookies.

Items marked with numbers 1-10 indicate number owned, nothing more. Items marked 70 mean that one of pets are currently wearing and I am probably not going to trade.

I go by Waka values, and double check Priscilla.

Some items are HTPW and am sorry if I decline a fair offer.

This list is empty.

Backgrounds UFT

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Clothing UFT

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Misc up for trade

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