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1. Please take some time to read!

Hello! If you are reading this, thank you! Please take note of the following:

i. My time zone is GMT +8. If I'm taking awhile to reply, I'm probably sleeping/working.
Give me up to 24 hours to reply! I will always reply to any/all neomails :D

ii. I'm not usually seeking for GBC/cookies/custom for the 'HTPW & Highlights' section,
unless I specifically said so in a board. Feel free to offer for the other sections :)

iii. Update your WL if you want an item:item trade.
It is ridiculous when you state in your 'Priority Wishlist' that you're
'seeking GBC/cookies' and then get offended when I offer it to you.

With that being said, I'm never rude (unless you are to me)
so don't be shy to offer! I'm always happy to receive neomails.
Have a nice day! :D

List updated 4th July 2020

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b. UFT

Number represents quantity of items.

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1) Seeking - Top Priority

The things immediately needed to complete a look. I don't have a lot of things to offer for trading so I can offer you GBC/cookies/customs. Please neomail if interested to trade!

This list is empty.

3) Seeking - It's pretty; I want them

Mostly to hoard. None of this is urgent.

This list is empty.

4) Seeking - Hoping to find these in 2:1 sales

Either 2:1 sales or item:item trade of similar values.

This list is empty.
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