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Items tran393 owns

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1.) Regular UFT: Non-Dyeworks (Looking for Dreamies, GBCs)

I'm happy to stay neofriends after and keep in touch if you'd like :D!

Capsules, GBCs, and cookies (Upcycle, Faerie, Lab Ray) are totally fine for certain items, but for others I'd like to preferably trade them for dreamies!

I am also open to 2:1 GBC for CERTAIN items in this section.

I follow Owls and take DTI 2020 ratios into consideration for trading values.

This list is empty.

2.) Regular UFT: Dyeworks (Clothes, Accessories, Trinkets, Backgrounds)

Each item is a case by case basis dependent on the value of it as guided by Owls and DTI 2020 ratios.

Casual trades are welcomed. Dyework swaps are welcomed. GBCs are welcomed, but I also would like to trade for dream items ideally.

Many 1-2 values can be 1 GBC, upcycle cookies, faerie quest, or lab ray cookie trades as well. More popular 1-2 valued items will be closer to the 2 GBC end.

However some DW items in this section valued 1-2 can also be 2:1 GBC, depending on the item! Even if they're not in the 2:1 section of my TL.

I'm also open to 1:1 Dye Pot Brew potions trades as well for certain items.

This list is empty.

3.) 2:1 GBC/Upcycle Cookie/Cap or 3:1 BFGBC or 1:1 Dye Pot

2 items for 1 GBC/Mystery Capsule of your choosing/Upcycle Cookie.

3 items for 1 BF GBC.

1 item for 1 Dye Pot Potion

Faerie and lab ray cookies are also welcomed if you prefer that instead :3.

This list is empty.

4.) HTPW/Semi Private Closet Items (Dream Wishies Only :3)

These may not be the most popular or high valued items to some people and might be easy to find for most traders, but to me, I just find them so cute it's hard to let go!

Some items I'm less attached to, but others will be very difficult for me to part with!

Some items I'm using on customs right now.

This list is empty.

Items tran393 wants

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1.) High Priority Dream Items

These are dreamies that I adore that I would love to put on my pets ASAP.

These are the items I'm actively seeking and that I greatly desire to give to my pets' customs. Owning these would make me so happy!

I'm aware some of these items are so rare or high valued, but a girl can look and dream... someday sighs...

This list is empty.

2.) Medium to Low Priority Dream Items

Pretty items I'm not actively seeking everyday for. However I'll still keep a reasonable lookout for them.

This list is empty.
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