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A. Introduction

Hey!! Just wanted to say that the value guide I follow is ~waka but you are free to offer no matter which guide you follow.


I do also have GBCs if you happen to have found my list, so feel free to message me if you have an item on my wishlist that you are willing to part with for GBC if none of my items interest you.

Current Gift Box Count: 99

Current Gift Box Capsule Count: 73

Non-Wearables Offered Currently:
Black Heart Sweetheart Gram x1
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie x2
Lab Ray Fortune Cookie x1
Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion x10
Altador Cup Celebratory Gram x1

Current NC Amount: 40NC

This list is empty.

C. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

K. Side Account Items

Currently every side is boxless, so I will need a GBC to trade if you are after any of these items! If the item here is going to be part of a bigger trade between us that includes one of my priority wishes then I'll send over my own GBC if needed.

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Items jusushike wants

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Not actively seeking - they won't be going on any pets, I just wanna own this because they are pretty.

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Basic Wishlist


I would love to own anything on this list ASAP.

Mostly likely it's for a custom I'm working on currently, otherwise it's because I think it's super pretty/cool/nice to have as an item to make outfits with.

This list is empty.

Spyder Web Staff

This is a list of some things I am looking for for my Sypder Web Staff. Obviously I don't expect ALL of these items in that trade, but if you've got a few of them I'm happy to look through tradelists and see what agreement we can come too. I value the SWS at 215-230GBC

The numbers on these are what I personally value the items. I am willing to talk about values of these things with anyone wanting to trade, as I'm not set in my ways or a stubborn jerk. This is just here as a sort of... guide for both me and a starting point for any potential traders!

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